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The Complete E55 AMG Bible

Chapter 1: Quick Facts Stock HP/TQ HP: 469 @6100 rpm TQ: 516 @ 2650 rpm Fuel economy: Combined/city/highway: 17/14/21 mpg Car and Driver Test Results

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Michael’s 2001 Drift W210

Michael’s 2001 Drift W210 2001 W210M113 Engine Dress up Custom Turbo kit Turbo Chargers Gt45 Exhaust modifications 4″ Exhaust Throttlebody Kit 90mm Upgrade Intakes /

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Mohammed’s 2004 E55

Mohammed’s 2004 E55 AMG 2004 E55 AMGM113K The Best AMG I have ownedComes with very powerful engine brings out very good amount of power.Still Capable

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Submit Your Car

To be featured in VRP’s AMG Customer showcase, please submit the following information: Once you’ve gathered this information, please send it to VRP’s customer showcase

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Intake kit upgrade for the M113k AMG including the SL55, E55, CLS55, and G55

Rogers Blue 2004 E55

Rogers Blue 2004 E55 2004 E55M113K When I bought this car it had a Kleemann stage 3 installed, I decided it needed more power so

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VRP billet surge tank upgrade for the M113k E55 CLS55 G55 SL55 AMG

VRP Billet Surge Tanks

VRP Billet Surge Tanks are one of many of our custom innovations for the M113k platform! These tanks are proven to add an incredible combination

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