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VRP billet surge tank upgrade for the M113k E55 CLS55 G55 SL55 AMG

VRP Billet Surge Tanks

Billet surge tanks for the M113k AMG.
VRP whipple supercharger upgrade kit for the Mercedes M113k AMG

VRP Billet Surge Tanks are one of many of our custom innovations for the M113k platform!

These tanks are proven to add an incredible combination of style and power to any 55K engine.

Unlike the factory surge tanks the VRP billet tanks are completely hollow, the factory tanks have bolt shafts that pass through the tank into the intake manifold. For the Billet tanks we designed them with the bolt passages in the side wall for smoother laminar flow with reduced restriction. As we all know, improved flow leads to more power!
Billet surge tanks for the M113k AMG.
Enjoy a stress-free installation with these direct fit, bolt on tanks. With a few hand tools these can be installed in 30 minutes, fitting directly into your engine bay with no other modifications needed. An additional feature of the VRP surge tanks is the ability to flip them 180 degrees to accommodate top mount intercoolers and custom intake set ups.


Stock Tanks: 463.3 WHP / 581 WTQ

Billet Surge Tanks: 494.6 WHP / 591 WTQ

Total Gains: 31.3 WHP / 10 WTQ

*Located at 6600ft elevation in Colorado, running on 91 octane.

*Only change made between runs was the installation of the surge tanks and the required reflash using the the same tuner. No dyno tuning, no log tuning, 31 WHP gains on a canned tune only!

Our other test car (2005 E55) with heavy modifications showed gains of 40whp at 4900 RPMs. After installing the surge tanks, air fuel ratio changed from 11.5 to 13.5 with no other changes. The mods included both a 92mm Throttle body and a much more including an aggressive pulley setup (running 19psi).
Customers with heavier modifications can expect larger gains with these billet tanks.
For an even easier installation experience, we offer a gasket set for these tanks as well. You have the option use RTV instead, but RTV does make removal and reinstallation much more difficult.

In order to make these tanks, we had to develop custom reinforced couplers. After 4 iterations we settled on 5 steel rings to keep them from collapsing due to the vacuum. These couplers are REQUIRED in order to run these tanks unless you are running it in the forward position with top mount coolers.

Retail Price: $1200

Top Mount Intercooler Set Up

We have a number of customers currently working on Top mount intercoolers utilizing our reversible feature!

2 thoughts on “VRP Billet Surge Tanks”

  1. Where does the air filter go directly on the throttle body? Oh and for my build do you still offer the 4″ intake kit ?

    Andrew Dixon

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