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If you are not completely satisfied, return the new/unused item in the original box prepaid within 1 month, with a copy of the invoice, for a refund/exchange. When making a return, please remember a few rules of thumb so your return can be processed as quickly as possible.

  • NO returns will be accepted without a copy of the original invoice.
  • NO returns or refunds on international orders!!! All international orders will be shipped as ordered! 
  • NO refunds on shipping costs!!!
  • Refunds will incur restock fees of 20%.
  • NO returns on Tunes, Software, or Digital Products
  • We DO NOT except any freight collect packages.
  • NO returns on parts which fail due to mis-installation. Proper installation is the responsibility of the buyer/user.
  • NO returns on special order products
  • NO refunds on items that indicate extended lead times in the description

No COD or freight-collect shipments will be accepted. Credit will be issued for merchandise only – no refunds will be given on handling/shipping charges.

New items purchased from Victory Road Performance which have been used or installed are not returnable / refundable.

If a return has been explicitly approved by a Victory Road Performance employee after 90 days from invoice date that refund is subject to a 50% restocking fee and the remainder is issued as store credit, no exceptions.

There are no returns after 6 months from invoice date, no exceptions.

Damaged Shipments

In the event a product arrives damaged to your location, please follow the steps listed below. All damaged items must be reported to the shipping carrier immediately and you must notify Victory Road Performance within 5 days of receiving your order. If these steps are not followed, your shipment may not be able to be a candidate for the insurance claim.

  • Take pictures of the damaged area of the product and email them to us [email protected].
  • Keep the product and its original packaging and box.
  • Make a list of the damaged or lost item(s).
  • Victory Road Performance will contact the shipper once we receive the email info above to schedule a pickup, DO NOT send it back to us.

Once the product is picked up and inspected by shipping company, a replacement will be sent.

Used Parts

Used parts purchased from Victory Road Performance are sold as is and are not returnable and carry no warranty or guarantee. Condition of used parts will be fully disclosed as accurately as possible prior to sale.

Labor costs for any parts purchased and not installed by Victory Road Performance, are not eligible for reimbursement under any circumstances.

Core Charges

Some parts purchased from Victory Road Performance also carry a core charge. Core charges are shows as an option on the item page, unless you are sending in your parts in advance you must select a core option, failure to correctly Identify a core option will result in a delay of your order. All parts are inspected upon receipt. Core charges are refunded to you when your original parts are received back to Victory Road Performance and meet the following core parts criteria.

Core parts must be returned within 60 days for core charge refund. You must include a copy of your invoice or a note with your order number with your shipment. Cores received after 60 days will either be rejected or will be issued a 50% credit on the core deposit. 

Core parts MUST be in usable condition, they cannot be damaged, broken, have stripped out bolt holes, or otherwise unusable, and must be the same part as was purchased.

Core parts CAN NOT BE PAINTED OR POWDERCOATED. If we received core parts (e.g, plenums, valve covers, etc.) which are painted or powdercoated we will deduct $60 per item from the core refund for sand blasting and cleaning charges.

Cores for polished engine parts cores (returns for polished parts): all screw holes must be threaded (not stripped), parts can not be cracked or otherwise damaged in any way, thermostat/water housings must include all pieces. Any variances from the previous statements will result in a reduction of the core refund.

For performance engine parts cores:

    • CAMS – can not be previously ground or welded, can not be cracked, damaged, rusted, gouged, or have chipped or broken guide tabs. The cam gear alignment dowel pins MUST be included and their holes can not be damaged – missing pins will be charged retail price to replace them. Threads for the cam gear bolts can not be stripped.
    • HEADS – must be complete with valve train intact, cam journal covers MUST be installed on the same journals they were on originally, and can not have damage resulting from catastrophic engine failure (e.g., gouges in the cylinder bowl), all mounting studs and port plugs must be in the heads – missing parts will be replaced by a reduction on core refund. Core heads without cam journal caps or journal caps not bolted to their proper journals will not be accepted – customer will have the option of paying to have them shipped back or we will discard them.
    • POLISHED PARTS, POWDERCOATED PARTS – must be good usable parts with vacuum nipples, no stripped bolt holes, not be painted or powder coated not be cracked or otherwise damaged.
    • STEERING RACKS – must be returned in their original box, or at least include it if it is damaged so the mfgr will get the original label.
    • TRANSMISSIONS – must be fully assembled and include all internal parts.
    • BRAKE CALIPERS – must be in their original boxes with the original identification tags attached to the CORRECT calipers. Failure to include the identification/scan tags on the calipers will result in forfeiture of the core refund.
    • TURBOS – must be in rebuildable condition – housings can not have physical damage, turbos must be assembled (no failed attempts to rebuild).
    • SUPERCHARGER SNOUTS – must be good usable parts with vacuum nipples, no stripped bolt holes, not be painted or powder coated not be cracked or otherwise damaged. Must not be welded or ported.
    • TORQUE CONVERTERS – must be in rebuildable condition – housings can not have physical damage.

You will be notified of any parts which fail inspection as non-usable for cores and the reason they can not be used. You will have the opportunity to find alternative replacement parts. Core charges will not be refunded for core parts returned to Victory Road Performance which are deemed unusable.

Core charge refunds are processed upon receipt and inspection of parts and the amount is credited back to the account (credit card, Paypal, etc.) that was originally used for the order. Original order payments made by money order will receive a company check as the core refund. Core refunds can also be issued as store credit if you like, please indicate such on your information returned with the core parts.

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