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Michael’s 2001 Drift W210

Michael’s 2001 Drift W210

2001 W210

Credit / Owner: @michaelpraschinger
Engine Dress upCustom Turbo kit
Turbo ChargersGt45
Exhaust modifications4″ Exhaust
Throttlebody Kit90mm Upgrade
Intakes / Surge Tanks3″
Fuel Upgrades1700ccm injectors with 2x e3l fuelpumps
Cooling setupFront Mount Intercooler
Suspension UpgradesCustom Sway Bars
Differential and GearingGs57DZ
Transmission Upgrades6-speed BMW gearbox with 3-disc Tilton clutch
Forged internals or Ported Heads?
TuneEmu Black control unit
Interior ModificationsFull Custom Roll cage, Quick disconnect steering wheel, Racing seats
Paint ColorCustom
Exterior modificationsCustom Crash bars, Modified Hood, headlight Delete
Wheels and Tires245/35, 265/30 18″ kenda Semis
What did we miss?VW single spark coils


Horsepower (Proven)500
Torque (Proven)780
1/8 Mile
1/4 Mile

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