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VRP900 Stage 1 Billet Turbo Upgrade

This upgrade holds the key to truly unleashing the beast in the W205 C63 M177 AMG! Our custom billet turbos are designed to give your engine all the power without the stress of installation or sacrifice in throttle response. VRP900 turbos feature a custom 5 axis CNC machined compressor wheel and are assembled with genuine Borg Warner rebuild kits!

These turbo upgrades feature some of the largest impeller wheels on the market designed to support a significantly larger amount of power while preserving throttle response and overall performance.
The OEM Borg Warner housing retains the factory look and allows 100% bolt-on installation.

We tested out our VRP900 turbos on our personal shop car and the results speak for themselves! However, there are a few things you should be aware of before going over the data:

  • We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado at approximately 6600 ft. of elevation.
  • We are running on 91 octane.
  • These results are with a FLASH TUNE only, no dyno tuning and 0 tune revisions! That’s right, a single flash tune made this much power!

Before Turbos: 

  • 548.6 WHP
  • 751.4 WTQ

Supporting mods: VRP Downpipes, AFE Filters, VRP heat exchangers, VRP methanol injection, and VRP tune.

VRP900 Turbos:

  • 653.8 WHP
  • 814.3 WTQ


Compressor Wheel Side:

  • Exducer – 73mm
  • Inducer – 47mm

In the factory setup, the M177 starts to run out of steam after 4,000 RPM and leave a lot to be desired on the top end.

The results of the VRP Turbochargers show only a 500 RPM change in spool, but hold power much further out, producing and sustaining much more torque and power in the higher RPM range.

The VRP900 is the ultimate solution for someone who wants to keep that factory low end torque feel but also be able to hang with supercars on the highway!

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