VRP 2.9L Supercharger Upgrade Kit for M113k AMG

The factory motor has a new limit. As far as we know, 668WHP (dynojet) is the new M113k Stock Motor (no nitrous) record!
Read on to find out how we did it, and how we expect to push that over 700…

We are proud to announce the VRP 2.9L Whipple Supercharger Upgrade is now available! The single best upgrade you can do to your 55k AMG. This kit has already proven to be capable of over 300 HP Gains with supporting mods!

Facts and Features:

This kit retains a number of factory compatible components!

This kit is intended to be a supercharger conversion only, allowing you to upgrade your 55k as you go while preserving your previous investments.
Our Kit installs like the factory unit, and retains the classic 55k engine appearance. It is the single most Modular Kit available for the 55k Platform

Compatible with:

  • Looped or stock fuel rail
  • All 55k Injectors
  • Our Billet 90/92mm snout (108mm Coming soon!)
  • Factory or Upgraded Intercooler
  • Factory Surge tanks
  • Factory Bypass valve or delete kit

Let’s talk numbers..

VRP Crank Horsepower: 768
VRP Crank Torque: 825

Stock Crank Horsepower: 469
Stock Crank Torque: 516

Can you beat our test car? Find out by clicking this link!

Dynojet: 668.95WHP @ 5,560rpm 710.78WTQ @ 3,490rpm

Mustang Dyno: 630.80WHP 717.19WTQ


  • STOCK heads
  • STOCK cams
  • STOCK Block

All current mods:

  • E85 (E58)
  • VRP 2.9L Supercharger Whipple Kit
  • STOCK M113k Intercooler
  • VRP 180mm Modular Crank Pulley
  • Killer chiller
  • VRP Stage 3 Cooling Kit
  • VRP Superflo Pump
  • VRP V2 Heat Exchanger
  • 68mm Pulley
  • VRP Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • VRP Billet Surge Tanks
  • VRP Under Hood Tank
  • VRP Stage 3 Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • 1050cc injectors
  • VRP Long Tube Headers
  • 92mm Hellcat Throttle Body
  • VRP 92mm Snout
  • VRP tune
  • VRP flex fuel kit

​​​​​​This E55 was flash tuned based on 2 logs only. This car has never been dyno tuned and is running a FULLY OEM intercooler with no modifications. The car still retains the original triple pass system and remains on factory 5/8” lines. This Modern Masters built E55 is making 19psi with its current configuration, NO HeadboltsNO headsNO cams. This car has a lot more left in it. The sky is the limit!

Before the Supercharger Upgrade:

519.23WHP; 568.23WTQ

Mods list:

  • E85 (unknown blend)
  • VRP 72mm Clutch delete pulley
  • VRP 180 Modular Crank Pulley
  • Killer Chiller
  • VRP Stage 3 Cooling Kit
  • VRP Superflo Pump
  • VRP V2 Heat Exchanger
  • VRP Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • VRP Under Hood Tank
  • StockM113K Intercooler
  • VRP Stage 3 Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • 1050cc injectors
  • VRP Long Tube Headers
  • 92mm Hellcat Throttle Body
  • VRP 92mm Snout
  • VRP tune
  • VRP Flex Fuel Kit

VRP Supercharger Kit for M113k FAQ:

1. What are the power gains?

– A fully factory E55 motor will typically dyno 430whp on a Dyno Jet. The VRP Supercharger kit made 668WHP…that’s a 238WHP increase in power! We were able to achieve this on a STOCK Factory M113K intercooler. With 15% drivetrain loss, this is over 768 Crank Horsepower. Almost 300 HP over the factory Rating.

2. How is this different from your competitors Supercharger?

– Our supercharger retains much more of the factory components allowing you to save your previous upgrade investments. The VRP supercharger is ready to go out of the box with a 90mm and 92mm throttle body. Our Competitors supercharger is only compatible with 74mm and 82mm throttle bodies. Our competitor Rates their Kit At 680 Crank Horsepower, we just blew that out of the water.

3. Why do I need to send my core in?

– We are giving customers a trade in value on their old units to lower cost of the supercharger.

4. Do I need any other upgrades with this supercharger?

– We have prepared a Stage 5 Power Package that integrates all of the supporting mods needed for your VRP Supercharger Kit. If you are piecing the kit together, we highly recommend our Stage 3 Cooling Kit, an ice tank, long tube headers, and 630cc or larger injectors.

5. Will this fit the M113?

– Yes, we are currently working on a conversion kit for M113 NA customers that will adapt the kit to work with their vehicle with minimal modification!

6. Will my AMG engine builder placard fit over this?

– The AMG Builder Placard is not compatible with the supercharger by default. However, you have the option to affix your plaque to the kit using the same epoxy that Mercedes used on the OEM supercharger.

7. Will the stock motor be able to handle this Supercharger Upgrade?

– Yes! Our test car was on a fully stock motor, Stock heads, Stock Cams, No head bolts, and fully stock bottom end

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    1. Philip Lataille

      Hit the ‘Shop Supercharger” icon at the top of the Post and it will bring you to the product listing.

  1. Nick

    You guys keep taunting me to buy new mods for my cls55, but you guys rock for always updating this platform

    1. Sydney Guan

      Hit “shop supercharger” at the top of the post and add the item to your cart. The website will calculate shipping for you.

  2. Gabriel

    Hello VRP crew, I am from Florida and I have a 2006 E55 AMG with 209,900 miles on in, I believe I am the 2nd owner. my question is would the Whipple 2.9L supercharger handle a cross country cruise ? as in I plan to drive the vehicle from Florida to California and back for vacation. Besides offering a lot power what is the lifespan/maintenance on it ? thank you !!!

    1. Philip Lataille

      Absolutely, The whipple superchargers are used on hundreds of OE Models from dodge to Chevy. Maintenance is no different on this kit than the factory unit.

  3. Gabriel

    Hello again VRP crew, I forgot to mention one good question, this is Gabriel from Florida, so the description mentions about an all “”stock”” E55 AMG engine block, heads, and cams, BUT can a 5 speedshift (722.6) “”stock”” transmission handle the beast output of the new 2.9L Whipple supercharger ?! Again thank you !!!

    1. Philip Lataille

      The Website will calculate shipping cost for you once youve added the product to your shopping cart and entered your shipping information.

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