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VRP Split Cooling Kit Install Guide

Are your modifications starting to make your M113k AMG run a little hot?

Upgrade your cooling system with our VRP Split cooling kit! This cooling kit effectively lowers intake temperatures and improves recovery time by separating the intercooler cooling system from the engine. This is the easiest way to deal with heat soak.

This is the most widely used kit on the market and for a good reason! Lower temperatures result in more power for you to play with.

Available Here


  • Remove the center connection to Create a T and a_|_ leaving the hose on the _|_.
  • Using the provided 3/4”cap, cap off the bottom of the T and add a clamp
  • Take the Reducer connector and add it to the _|_. Add the supplied hose to the Reducer connector.
  • Secure the Reservoir bracket to the Radiator support, (hardware not supplied), insert the reservoirthrough the top of the bracket, cut the hose to length and attach to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Cap the open hole on the reservoir and secure.
  • Bleed the intercooler circuit. To bleed the circuit, connect a hose to the nipple on the metal line coming from the intercooler and insert it into the new reservoir. Drive the car to start the intercooler pump or locate the relay.
  • If coolant is coming out of the reservoir, the circuit is either still connected to the engine coolant or the system has not been bled properly.


SL55 split cooling installation requires an additional ¾ hose connector that is not provided in the VRP kit. Locate the intersection where the engine coolant and intercooler coolant are connected. This connection is on the passenger side (LHD) frame rail next to the dual idler pulleys under the Passenger side intake tube.

  • Take the Top 2 lines from the Intersection and connect them together. This is the engine coolant circuit.
  • The intersection is now the intercooler circuit. The Open port on the intersection should be capped with the 3/4 cap provided. The Open port on the Intersection that faces forward is going to go to the provided reservoir.
  • Using a short section of 3/4 hose connect the reducer to the intersection. Connect the provided hose to the reducer which will connect into the reservoir.
  • Connect the Coolant bleed line to the Reservoir, or delete and cap off that line.

Another method for split cooling installation on SL55 is to use a T and a Straight Connector. The top 2 lines get a straight connector just as described above, and the bottom is made into a T connector, with the 3rd outlet on the T going to the reservoir as shown in the photos to the left.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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