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The Complete E55 Bible – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Maintenance Before Modification

It is critically important that your vehicle is up to date on maintenance before modifications begin. Servicing your vehicle should come first to ensure that the vehicle will take the mods without creating major issues due to preexisting issues. The following areas are crucial to check before you begin modifying your M113k AMG

  • Ensure that your vehicle has no leaks or misfires and is in good running condition before attempting modifications.
  • Perform an oil change before modifications begin
  • Inspect your suspension system to make sure all joints and seals are in good condition.
  • Change your spark plugs and plug wires. If necessary, change your coil packs as well.

Service your transmission, including a filter and fluid flush as well as the 13 pin connector and in many cases the conductor plate

Modified Maintenance

With the E55 there are many options for “Modified Maintenance”, or “while you’re in there” mods that can sometimes cost less.


It’s vital that your spark plugs are replaced before modifying your vehicle. Many people that purchase an E55 (or any M113k platform) don’t have a clear idea of when the plugs were last changed, and with the high service interval its smart to swap them out
One step colder plugs:

If your M113k has very high mileage or is due for plug wires, you can also do Magnecor Wires at the same time. These wires have increased insulating material over the factory wires.


The most important modifications for power upgrades is cooling. A modified vehicle with defective cooling will make less power than a properly functioning factory vehicle.

Unfortunately, the factory intercooler pump installed by Mercedes was defective from the factory causing a very high failure rate. Without a properly functioning intercooler pump, the fluid is no longer circulating through the circuit, which prevents the intercooler from wicking heat energy from the intake air causing heat soak. The updated model of these pumps is the recommended maintenance replacement. We recommend the Bosch 010 Intercooler Pump

From the factory, the intercooler circuit on the E55 AMG is connected to the engine. By separating this system, you can see intake temperatures drop by up to 10*. It’s recommended to add a split cooling kit when you open the circuit to install the intercooler pump.

VRP Split Cooling Kit

These 2 cooling updates will have your intercooler circuit ready for your first mods and prevent loss of power due to heat soak!

Intake Filters

Dirty intake filters prevent the engine from pulling in the cool outside air it needs for proper combustion, if your old filters are dirty this is a perfect opportunity to put a no-tune-required performance modification on your 55k

DryFlo Air Filter Pair

Engine Mounts

Due to the high torque of the M113k engine, engine mounts are a common and almost guaranteed failure. The fluid filled mounts of the AMG are prone to leaking and collapsing. With factory mounts, expect to change them as soon as 6 months at high power levels!  For a modified M113k engine, it is recommended to upgrade to the black series mounts at the very least. Black series mounts are much more durable than factory engine mounts and are less likely to fail.

Black Series Engine Mount

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