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Das Performance’s Daily Driven 2006 E55

Das Performance’s daily driven 2006 E55

2006 E55

Credit / Owner: @dasperformanceva

Just my “daily driver” that got out of hand rather quickly. Bought the car totally stock 1 week before the pandemic started, this car help me though those times by give me something to do with all my new spare time.

Supercharger Pulley Size62.5
Supercharger Upgrade?Yes
SuperchargerVRP 3L whipple
Exhaust modificationsLong tube headers, xpipe, gutted stock mufflers
Throttlebody Kit92mm hellcat throttle
Intakes / Surge Tanks3.5 dual intake
Fuel UpgradesVRP Dual 450 pumps, 630cc injectors, E30 mix
Cooling setupTrunk tank, killer chiller , cwa400, 2nd heat exchanger, and single pads intercooler
Suspension UpgradesBc racing coils, and creative steel bushings
Differential and Gearing3.06 gear with p31 clutched LSD
Transmission UpgradesMk ultra dtm race shift tcu, blue top solenoids, and upgraded overlap valves
Forged internals or Ported Heads?no
TuneRace iq
Interior ModificationsAfr gauge, android head unit
Exterior modificationsFull carbon filber ground effects kit
Wheels and TiresGeneral amax summer tires, 19 in niche wheels


Horsepower (Estimated)630
Torque (Estimated)700

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