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Aslan’s 2004 E55 AMG

Aslan’s 2004 E55 AMG

2004 E55

Credit / Owner: @That_e55amg on instagram and tiktok

Its a 2004 e55 amg that i bought a couple of year back when it was stock and since then ive been building it as a fast clean daily car. I uee it to go to work everyday and its in perfect conditions. I use it for everything and once i got stuck on sand like 2 hours from my home. Hopefully in the future we build the motor

Engine Dress upPowder coat
Supercharger Pulley Size70mm
Crank Pulley Size180mm
Supercharger Upgrade?No
Exhaust modificationsSupersprint with long tube headers
Throttlebody Kit92mm with billet snout
Intakes / Surge TanksCustom 3″ intakes, and VRP surge tanks
Fuel Upgrades1050cc injectors
Cooling setupUnderhood water tank. Vrp meth kit. Vrp heat exchanger
Nitrous Setup
Suspension Upgrades
Differential and Gearing
Transmission UpgradesSHR transmission and blood motorsport torque converter
Forged internals or Ported Heads?
TuneCustom tune
Interior ModificationsDs18 speakers and 2 15 inch subs
Paint Color
Exterior modificationsE63 bumpers and wing
Wheels and TiresGiovanna toyo r888r
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1/8 Mile6.8
1/4 Mile10.8
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