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Mathieu’s 2003 E55 AMG

Mathieu’s 2003 E55 AMG

2005 E55

Credit / Owner: IG: @190ellis TikTok: @190ellis YouTube: @190ellis

I’ve owned the car for a little over three years. I bought it with 98k miles on it for 10 grand! I’ve dragged race the car the whole time i’ve owned it with my first pass being a 12.8 and my most recent one being an 11.6 without spray. I own two W201 190e’s, a W208 CLK430 and I’ve owned a W220 S65 AMG but I choose to daily drive my E55 because nothing else really compares in my mind.

Supercharger Pulley Size77mm
Engine dress upGold heat wrapped ice tank
Exhaust modificationsVRP Long tube headers and X pipe to 3” straight pipe to CLS55 mufflers
Intakes / Surge TanksVRP 3” Intake kit
Cooling setupUnderhood tank, VRP superflo, VRP Secondary heat exchanger
Nitrous Setup10 Pound bottle, 100 Shot
Suspension UpgradesBC Coilovers
Transmission UpgradesEurocharged TCU tune
Forged internals or Ported Heads?no
TuneEurocharged Stage 3+ Dyno Tune
Exterior modificationsHighPro carbon fiber spoiler
Paint ColorBrilliant Silver
Wheels and TiresCustom machined Momo Etna’s 17×9 wrapped in 275/40/17 Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S


Horsepower (Proven)500
Torque (Proven)594
1/8 Mile7.484
1/4 Mile11.624

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