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Showcase of VRP’s AMG Customer’s

VRP takes pride in showcasing its customers as true connoisseurs of automotive excellence. These customers embody the essence of luxury, power, and sophistication that define the AMG brand. Picture a clientele that appreciates not just a mode of transportation but an immersive driving experience. From executives navigating cityscapes with precision to thrill-seekers conquering open roads, AMG Mercedes customers are a diverse tapestry united by their passion for unparalleled driving dynamics. Each AMG owner becomes an ambassador of the brand, a living testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design. As they navigate the streets in their AMG-adorned vehicles, these enthusiasts become mobile showcases of automotive prowess, turning heads and inspiring admiration at every turn.

Michael’s 2001 Drift W210

Michael’s 2001 Drift W210 2001 W210M113 Engine Dress up Custom Turbo kit Turbo Chargers Gt45 Exhaust modifications 4″ Exhaust Throttlebody Kit 90mm Upgrade Intakes / Surge Tanks 3″ Fuel Upgrades 1700ccm injectors with 2x e3l fuelpumps Cooling setup Front Mount Intercooler Nitrous Suspension Upgrades Custom Sway Bars Differential and Gearing Gs57DZ Transmission Upgrades 6-speed BMW …

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Das Performance’s Daily Driven 2006 E55

Das Performance’s daily driven 2006 E55 2006 E55M113K Just my “daily driver” that got out of hand rather quickly. Bought the car totally stock 1 week before the pandemic started, this car help me though those times by give me something to do with all my new spare time. Trenton Supercharger Pulley Size 62.5 Supercharger …

Das Performance’s Daily Driven 2006 E55 Read More »

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