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VRP G-Class Under Hood Tank G55 (W463)

VRP Under Hood Tank for the Mercedes Benz W463 G Class  G55 AMG platform.


Available on backorder

Under-Hood Tank for G Class AMG

Improve your cooling system with our Under-Hood tank cooling upgrade! This tank effectively splits the intercooler system from the engine coolant system. You can pack it with ice for extremely cool intake temperatures on the street or at the track.

*Coolant Reservoir relocation required

Key Features:

  • 2 2.2 gallons capacity
  • includes tank and barb fittings.
  • Optional Cabin air filter relocation Filter and Mesh included.
  • Approximate size 5.75 ” x 13.5 ” x 8″

*these tanks are made to order, lead time is from 1-2 weeks


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