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VRP Split Cooling Kit

VRP Split Cooling Kit for the Mercedes  AMG.


  • Mercedes E55 AMG
  • Mercedes CLS55 AMG
  • Mercedes SL55 AMG
  • Mercedes CL55 AMG
  • Mercedes G55 AMG


Availability: Available on backorder

Are your modifications starting to make your M113k AMG run a little hot?

Upgrade your cooling system with our VRP Split cooling kit! This cooling kit effectively lowers intake temperatures and improves recovery time by separating the intercooler cooling system from the engine. This is the easiest way to deal with heat soak.

This is the most widely used kit on the market and for a good reason! Lower temperatures result in more power for you to play with..


If you’re running a smaller pulley or have more aggressive modifications, consider our other split cooling kits!

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