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VRP900 C63(s) AMG GT Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade (M177)

VRP M177 Turbo Upgrade for the Mercedes AMG GT AMG


  • Mercedes GT AMG
  • Mercedes C63 AMG
  • Mercedes C63s AMG


Core Option *

You are required to pay a core deposit for your stock turbos unless you send them in advance.

VRP900 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade for the M177

Our custom turbos are the ultimate power upgrade for your M177 AMG! These turbos feature billet compressor wheels with a 47mm inducer and 73mm exducer. These units are built with OEM Borg Warner rebuild kits! Tests have shown significant WHP and WTQ gains upon installation.

VRP900 Turbo: 653WHP


  • Custom billet compressor wheel
  • Clipped Exhaust Wheels
  • CNC Machined
  • High Speed VSR Balanced
  • Quick and easy install

Capable of over 120WHP gains with a tune! Grab the tune here !

Before Turbos: 

  • 548.6 WHP
  • 751.4 WTQ

Supporting mods: VRP Downpipes, AFE Filters, VRP heat exchangers, VRP methanol injection, and VRP tune.

VRP900 Turbos:

  • 653.8 WHP
  • 814.3 WTQ



Please ship your cores to:

You MUST remove your wastegate actuator before shipping your core.

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901 Norwalk ST, Suite D,

Greensboro, NC 27407


**Lead time is 2-3 Weeks from purchase date**


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