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VRP C63 GLC63 (s) 3″ Intake Kit (M177)

Increase air flow in your C63 (s) with VRP Intake kit for the 63 AMG M177 platform.


  • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG (W205)
  • Mercedes Benz C63s AMG
  • Mercedes Benz GLC63 AMG


Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)


Maximize airflow in your M177 AMG  with the VRP 3″ Dual Intake Kit!


This kit features large 3″ aluminum tubing that goes from filter to turbo to ensure the best delivery of unrestricted airflow. Our intake kit comes with 2 of the largest reusable and re-washable filters on the market!

These intakes are sure to enhance that beautiful turbo sound of the M177 engine.

Ceramic coating options are available for the intake tubes for optimal heat resistance.

Add our stainless steel heat panels for even more protection against heat soak!



**These kits ship with K&N filters by default which do not require the filter sensors shown in the photo.


Check out what these intakes can do in this video!

Why Not Carbon Fiber?

Here at VRP, we take price in the longevity and reliability of our products all the way down to the visuals. Our newest product, the 3” Dual Intake Kit for the M177 engine includes two high quality aluminum intake pipes. We chose aluminum over carbon fiber due to the way carbon fiber can react negatively to the intense heat produced in the engine. We’ve seen multiple carbon fiber intakes begin to take on a yellowish tint over time from prolonged high heat exposure.

To prevent this icky yellow color from showing up in our customer’s engine bays, we landed on aluminum intakes with ceramic coating as a way off warding off heat soak with no worry of discoloration. Our tubes are available to be cera-coated into any color you would like and won’t turn into a yellowing color you will surely hate!





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