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Who We Are

Victory Road Performance is your one stop shop for all Mercedes-AMG performance, aftermarket, and tuning upgrades!

Victory Road Performance has been a leading performance manufacturer for a variety of AMG platforms since 2016. 

VRP was started by a young and passionate AMG owner who had a novel vision for the potential of AMG performance. After only 8 years, our company has grown exponentially and our selection of AMG upgrades continues to expand every year.

We are widely known in the AMG community for our contributions and innovation for the M113k AMG. Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our reach to the M156, M157, M278, M177, M178, and soon more for the M133. We don’t plan on stopping there!

Harnessing horsepower in your AMG doesn’t have to be costly, that’s why we provide the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices!


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