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VRP C63 (s) AMG Methanol Injection Kit (M177)

VRP water methanol injection kit for the M177 engine.


  • Mercedes C63 AMG (W205)
  • Mercedes C63s AMG


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Water methanol injection is incredibly effective in reducing knock and detonation in M177 engines.

The VRP Water Methanol injection kit is proven to  significantly reduce air intake temperatures for improved performance and reliability in the M177 Biturbo engine.

This is your complete, tank and all methanol kit including a dual nozzle setup!

This kit uses a progressive controller that adjusts injection based on boost pressure.


  • Methanol Kit
  • VRP C63 (S) Methanol couplers
  • AEM Nozzles with check valves


  • Reduces knock and detonation
  • Reduces air intake temperatures
  • Water methanol controller system included
  • All hardware included
  • Gains in performance and consistency
  • Estimated ~80hp gains with supporting mods


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