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VRP 92mm Hellcat Throttle Body Bolt On Kit (M113k)

92mm Hellcat Throttle body upgrade kit for Mercedes AMG M113k engine.

***Product photo depicts 90mm throttle body***


  • Mercedes Benz AMG E55
  • Mercedes Benz AMG SL55
  • Mercedes Benz AMG CL55
  • Mercedes Benz AMG S55
  • Mercedes Benz AMG CLS55
  • Mercedes Benz AMG G55


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Throttlebody harness *

VRP 92mm Hellcat Throttle Body Bolt On Kit

Drastically increase throttle response, low end torque, and horsepower with our all in one throttle body bolt on kit! Bolt on modification has never been easier as our kit features a billet snout, brand new 92mm Hellcat throttle body, silicone Y-pipe, and all necessary hardware.

**You will need to tap for the Crank Case Vent, Either snout, Y pipe, Or the throttle body Itself.***

Kit Includes:

Go big or go home with our 105mm throttle body bolt on kit! This kit features the largest available snout for the M113k platform!

Dyno Test resulted in 41WHP  switching from an 82mm! Estimates from stock throttle body are over 60whp!


Billet Snout Benefits:

The factory inlet is extremely restrictive with its cast divider and/or bearing caps. The VRP unit features a billet adapter plate that also serves to direct air to the rotors and deflect debris away from the bearings while featuring an ultra slim profile.





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