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VRP Titanium Supercharger Pulley Bolt and Washer (M113k)

VRP titanium supercharger pulley bolt and washer upgrade for the M113k AMG

Fitments Include:

  • Mercedes E55 AMG
  • Mercedes CLS55 AMG
  • Mercedes SL55 AMG
  • Mercedes CL55 AMG
  • Mercedes G55 AMG
  • Mercedes S55 AMG


Availability: 8 in stock (can be backordered)

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Upgrading your supercharger pulley? Replace your factory bolt and washer with VRP Titanium Supercharger Pulley Bolt and washer while you’re in there!

These durable titanium bolt and washers are made to handle your new upgrade and add a little bling to your bay.

*Use anti galling compound when installing supercharger bolt.

*** Burnt, black and titanium, Gold, Aurora now feature a lasered VRP Logo




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