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M113K Supercharger Porting Service

Supercharger Porting service M113k


Supercharger Porting service

Some vehicles have seen as much as 25whp from a supercharger port.


Please ONLY ship the supercharger barrel as pictured in the product image, This means separating the front and rear casings, Superchargers Sent as full assemblies will incur a $100 disassembly fee and will be shipped back dissembled incurring an additional $100 shipping and handling charge. 

Please Ship your supercharger to 

612 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Please Insure your package, VRPspeed is not responsible for damaged units. 

Please ONLY SHIP the supercharger barrel 

DO NOT SHIP snout, Surge tanks, Inter cooler Unless you are planning to pay the Cleaning/ Servicing Fee. or are having those parts modified. 


*** Not all Superchargers should be reassembled. Superchargers with Damaged Barrels or Rotors should not be reused, We will contact you if we find any issues with your supercharger, Prior to beginning the porting process. If your supercharger cannot be rebuilt We will request payment for Return shipping. If Return shipping is not paid within 15 days of notification your supercharger will be forfeited and disposed of or used for parts.

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