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Braided Brake Lines – Rear

Braided Brake Lines – Rear


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Braided Brake lines for the front of your E55

Stoptech SportStop Stainless Steel Brake Lines provide a quicker, firmer, more consistent pedal response maintained by consistent brake pressure. A more consistent pressure means a higher precession of brake modulation. In short; you “feel” your brakes more and slight adjustments to the pedal will transfer to the caliper.

Steel Meets the Road

Rubber brake lines will begin to soften and swell due to age. This translate into lost pressure at the calipers. Stoptech SportStop Stainless Steel Brake Lines resist expansion and keeps the brake pedal stiff. They consist of Teflon inner lining to carry the brake fluid which is covered with a layer of stainless steel woven braid. The stainless braided hose is covered with a clear abrasion resistant PVC cover for max protection.

Helps increase peddle stiffness

These fit Rear of:

    • Mercedes-Benz  E320  2003-2005  3.2L, V6
    • Mercedes-Benz  E350  2006  3.5L, V6
    • Mercedes-Benz  E500  2003  Base
    • Mercedes-Benz  E500  2004-2006  5.0L, V8
    • Mercedes-Benz  E55 AMG  2003-2006  Base
    • Mercedes-Benz  E550  2007-2009  5.5L, V8
    • Mercedes-Benz  E63 AMG  2007-2009  Base
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