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Intake Manifold Thermalnator Gasket (M113, M113k)

Intake manifold Thermalnator Gasket


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Replace your stock intake manifold gaskets with Thermalnator gaskets to reduce the heat of air entering your engine. This is a simple switch that can give you up to 5% more power in your engine.

Thermalnator gaskets are a unique high temperature shielding gasket that works by stopping metal to metal contact between the intake manifold and the engine block. This allows the intake manifold to perform almost like an intercooler. Since the manifold will no longer be heated by the cylinder head, heat from the incoming air will dissipate through the aluminum much faster.

 The basic formula for this is for every 5 degrees F increase in intake air temp, air density is reduced by 1%. The denser the air is, the more you will gain in horsepower.

Average testing has shown an 25 degrees F drop and up to 35 degrees in some applications.

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