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XDI-EVO High Pressure Fuel Pump (M157)

XDI-EVO for the Mercedes 63 AMG M157 platform.


XDI-EVO (M157)

The brand new patent pending XDI-EVO high pressure fuel pump now available for Mercedes M157.
Now up to 240bar!

  • Increases injector flow and combustion quality.
  • Replaces the OEM Bosch HDP5 (200bar).
  • True 36% more geometric capacity [cc/rev] than OEM Bosch.
  • Up to 40% more effective flow [LPH] than the competitor (see chart).

Package Content:

  • 2x XDI-EVO
  • 2x self centering base plates with brand new sealing technology
  • 2x XDI High Pressure Fuel Line
  • 2x XDI adapter loom
  • Hardware

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