VRP850 Stage 4 Power Package RWD

$7,300.00 $6,300.00

VRP 63 Stage 4 power package

Select M278 or M157 * 

Turbo Core Options * 

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Our stage 4 power package for M157/M278 RWD

Add performance spark plugs for peak performance.

Estimated 63 AMG Horsepower: 850HP 870TQ

Estimated 550 278 Horsepower: 700HP 800TQ

Kit Includes:

Stage 2 Tune

Intake Filters

Intake Spacers

M157 / M278 Downpipes

Blow Off Valve Kit

Methanol Kit

VRP Billet Turbos

**The downpipes in this power package are compatible with RWD ONLY, we are working on AWD engine mounts
** The downpipe front section is compatible with all M157/M278 vehicles, HOWEVER, The midsection is direct bolt on for W212 ONLY, All other models will need to cut and weld.