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VRP M275 Ported Heads

VRP M275 Stage 3 Ported Heads


  • Mercedes SL65 AMG
  • Mercedes CL65 AMG
  • Mercedes S65 AMG


Core Option *

You are required to pay a core deposit for your stock parts unless you send them in advance.

VRP Ported Heads for the M275 AMG


Our CNC machined ported heads are perfect for street and track applications! Every port in our set up is the same, no multi stage ports. We’re dedicated to providing you only the best!

Key Features:

  • CNC Machined ported heads
  • Increased flow on intake and exhaust ports.
  • Every port is the same, no multi stage ports!
  • Valve job included!

3 weeks build time. *Email us to see if we have any heads in stock, as we keep them on rotation*

***CORES REQUIRED: $2000 core charge

Please ship your core to:

Victory Road Performance
901 Norwalk St, Suite D
Greensboro, NC 27407


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