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VRP M275 Dual Intake Kit


  • Mercedes S65 AMG
  • Mercedes SL65 AMG
  • Mercedes SL600 AMG
  • Mercedes S600 AMG
  • Mercedes CL65 AMG
  • Mercedes CL600 AMG
  • Mercedes G65 AMG
  • Mercedes G600 AMG


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**these intakes are now Straight, No longer spit L shape.


600/65 Dual Intake for M275 and 279 V12 Engines​​​​​​

Our Dual Intake kit for the M275 and 279 is completely plug and play for easy installation and removal with completely reusable filters!

This intake system will not only add power, but it will significantly enhance the sound of your engine and improved throttle response!


**we are currently on a 4 to 5 week backorder**


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