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VRP 3.0L Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger Kit (M113k)

VRP 3.0L Gen 5 Whipple supercharger upgrade kit for the Mercedes M113k AMG platform


  • Mercedes E55 AMG
  • Mercedes CLS55 AMG
  • Mercedes CL55 AMG
  • Mercedes G55 AMG
  • Mercedes S55 AMG
  • Mercedes SL55 AMG


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The final form for modified M113Ks. The VRP Gen 5 Whipple kit is here.
Including our billet runners, surge tanks and fuel rail by default this kit is going to pull every bit of horsepower left in the M113k.


VRP 3.0L Whipple Supercharger Upgrade Kit!

Image of assembled kit


VRP Crank Horsepower   
VRP Crank Torque            

Stock Crank Horsepower 
Stock Crank Torque

Watch our Gen 4 Kit shatter our competition:

***Build time is 5-6 weeks

Dyno sheet

Time slip



Compatible with: 

  • All 55k Injectors
  • Our Billet 90/92mm and 105mm snout
  • Factory or Upgraded Intercooler
  • Factory Bypass valve or delete kit


This kit features all hardware needed to convert your factory unit!

  • Whipple supercharger
  • Manifold adapter
  • Billet Intake manifold runners
  • Billet Runners
  • Billet Fuel Rail
  • Billet snout with adapter
  • 630cc Injectors
  • Hardware
  • Billet 68mm Pulley


VRP Gen 5 Supercharger Kit for M113k FAQ:

  1. What are the power gains?
  2. How does this compare to the Gen 4 Whipple?
    -On other platforms the Gen 5 has had some insane results
    “With a 3.50” pulley, the Gen 3 2.9L on the car made 821rwhp at 18.6psi. With the same size pulley on the Gen 5 3.0L, the car made 1074rwhp at 19.8psi.”
    “With a Gen 2 697rwhp and 525lb-ft of torque. With the Gen 5, at the same boost (11.5) and with no other changes, the car cranked out 795rwhp and 620lb-ft!”
  3. How is this different from your competitors Supercharger?
  4. Do I need any other upgrades with this supercharger?
  5. Will this fit the M113?
  6. Will my AMG engine builder placard fit over this?
  7. Will the stock motor be able to handle this Supercharger Upgrade?
PRINTED instructions included in the package
You can check out our blog for information on installation here:
Watch LegitStreetCars Install the Gen 4 Whipple: VRP Whipple Supercharger Install Video
We are honored to be powering the fastest SL55 in the world with our Whipple supercharger!
Congrats to CNTERLINE on breaking a new world record at 9.46 @147mph!
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