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Clutch Delete Supercharger Pulley (M112k)

VRP Clutch Delete pulley upgrade for the M112k engine


  • Mercedes C32 AMG
  • Mercedes SLK32 AMG
  • Chrysler Crossfire SRT

Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Clutch Delete Supercharger Pulley for the M112k

Increase overall horsepower and torque by upgrading your pulley set up with the VRP clutch delete supercharger pulley. This fixed pulley set up will keep the supercharger engaged at all times leading to a drastic increase in throttle response. Capable of getting your M112k to 420hp with stock exhaust and cooling upgrades, this is the ultimate supercharger pulley upgrade for the M112k and 32k platform!

Easy to install!


**currently only offered in raw aluminum**


Tune is required with this pulley be sure to add one in the options!


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