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VRP CLA45/GLA45 Intake

VRP Cold Air Intake for the M133 AMG


  • Mercedes CLA45 AMG
  • Mercedes GLA45 AMG


Increase the volume of your airbox with our airbox extension for increased air intake to your turbo charger.

VRP has once again managed to create an incredible affordable intake upgrade for the AMG community. VRP M133 Intake upgrade features a 3d printed intake tube, paired with a laser cut aluminum 3 bolt flange, allowing for low production cost while also preventing heat transfer as our 3d printed material does not retain heat. Our kit features a 4″ inlet size filter, as well as an airbox extension that seals against the hood of the CLA platform and a K&N filter. You will hear a drastic increase in the turbo spool sound with this upgrade.


Our Goal is to bring affordable performance upgrades to the AMG community, our 500WHP package is no exception. This intake is the first step towards that kit. Check out our power packages to unlock the full potential of your M133.

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