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Stage 3 Fuel Pump Upgrade (W204 2008-2009)

Stage 3 Fuel Pump Upgrade


Core Option *

You are required to pay a core deposit for your stock parts unless you send them in advance.

Stage 3 Fuel Pump Upgrade for the Mercedes C63 AMG W204

Our stage 3 lpfp upgrade supports normal pump gas, e85 blends and full e85. However ,that will depend on the current vehicle modifications and tune.

Our kit comes with everything you’ll need for a quick install that will plug right into your stock fuel feed lines and electrical connectors.

Pump has been tested and is capable of supporting an excess of 800+ hp. Supports full e85 and is perfect for high hp applications or replacement of your worn out/ damaged stock fuel pumps.

Oem grade wiring.

Plug and play harness


  • Bulk head connector
  • Upgraded in tank wires
  • Modified oem wire harness
  • Dual Quantum 450 (274 pumps)
  • Oem style bundy fittings

*These setups are made to order and can take 1-2 weeks before shipment is ready.

**This installation should only be performed by trained professionals. DO NOT attempt to install this product on your own

This kit will reuse your factory top hat, a new top hat is NOT included.

****ALL w204 Cores are USED. there are NO MORE NEW buckets available**

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