VRP700 Stage 4 Power Package


VRP Stage 4 power package


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This is our Stage 4 power package.

This kit changes out the 76mm Pulley for our exclusive 70mm Clutched pulley, Producing 16.8PSI!

We also add a trunk tank to this kit to take care of the cooling.

This Kit will Boost your 469HP 55k up to nearly 700HP

Kit Includes:

70mm Supercharger Pulley

ECU Tune

Heat Exchanger

Belt Wrap Kit

Midlength headers

82mm Throttlebody DIY Kit

550cc Injectors

VRP Superflo Pump

Trunk Tank

Trunk Tank Install Kit

Hi-FLo Filters

S Class and CL Class Kits do NOT include Headers, Heat exchanger is substituted for Killer Chiller
G Class Kits do NOT include headers