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VRP575 Stage 3 Power Package (M156)

VRP  Stage 3 power package for the Mercedes Benz 63 AMG M156 platform.


Intake Options

You will receive a complimentary VRP hoodie with your order

Our stage 3 power package Removes your restrictive stock Exhaust manifolds and adds our lightweight Crank Pulley

Supplement the 82mm Kit for the 85mm Kit for even more power!

Add performance spark plugs and thermal gasket set for peak performance.

Add our E85 Kit with Injectors for an additional 40+ HP!

Our intake spacer kit also nets you approximately 15hp when paired with our intake filters!

Estimated Horsepower: 575HP 530TQ

Kit Includes:

  • VR7 Tune
  • Intake Filters
  • Row Airboxes
  • 82mm Throttle body Kit
  • Light weight Crank Pulley
  • Shorty headers
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