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Sonnax 68942-05K Overlap Control Valve Sleeve Kit

Sonnax 68942-05K Overlap Control Valve Sleeve Kit


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If you are experiencing harsh, bumpy, or flare shifts, your overlap control valve sleeves are most likely worn. The wear at the 1-2/4-5, 2-3 and/or 3-4 overlap control valve sleeves allows modulating oil pressure to the exhaust and may cause slipping in the gears.

These modulating sleeves will position the valve for proper clutch feed and restore control of clutch pressure apply or exhaust.

Key Features:

  • Highly wear-resistant sleeves help restore hydraulic control.
  • External O-Rings provide additional sealing in the bore.
  • The OEM springs and anodized valves can be used.
  • End-face grooves aid in easy sleeve identification.


  • 68942-05K Overlap Control Sleeve Kit
  • (3) x  Sleeves (1 for each location)
  • (3) x  O-Rings

Fits 722.6 Mercedes Benz Trans


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