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SLS Valve Tappets for M156

SLS Valve Tappets for M156


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SLS Valve Tappets for M156

The M156 engine is notoriously susceptible to premature wear of the valvetrain which can lead to the degrading of engine performance and potentially engine failure.

This can also lead to “bleed down” which causes excessive valve lash during a cold start up that presents itself as a loud tapping noise until the engine warms up. The M159 valve buckets are a major improvement due to anti-friction coating which reduces wear on camshaft lobes. Upgrade your M156 buckets to M159 tappets to avoid premature wear to your engine’s valvetrain.

Key Features:

  • Direct replacement for M156 and M159 valve buckets
  • Improved hydraulic system
  • Anti-friction coating


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