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RWCarbon BRS Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser (W205)


RWCarbon BRS Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser (W205)



  • 2015+ Mercedes W205 C63 AMG Sedan/Wagon
  • 2017+┬áMercedes W205 C43 AMG Sedan/Wagon
  • 2015+┬áMercedes W205 C Class (Sport) Sedan/Wagon
  • Carbon Fiber Tips are not available at this time.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Custom Exhaust Tips must be run with this diffuser


  • Aggressive rear end styling upgrade
  • Hand crafted 2×2 Carbon Fiber
  • Matches other RW or OEM CF parts
  • Bolt on installation – requires no mods to install


This BRS styled diffuser for the Mercedes W205 is rated as difficult. The rear bumper will need to be removed and the parking sensors will need to be transferred over. Professional installation is recommend.

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