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Non Airmatic Adjustable Camber Arms

Non airmatic Camber arms


*These Camber arms are intended for cars without airmatic. ie; Coilover conversions
Getting 7000 miles out of your pilot super sports? those are some expensive tires, these camber arms will pay for themselves
More traction, even tire wear, improved handling, better braking and firm muscular road feel are some of the features attained with this new rear suspension kit. Lowered cars and cars with larger tires can quickly adjust suspension back to factory or custom alignments. Wearing out the inside patch of your 300+ dollar tires every 7000 miles can be tuned out with quick on the car tuning.
The factory camber and toe arms are made with soft rubber bushings that allow a plush mushy luxury ride and compounded by age and use, you get toe and camber wobble.
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