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MyGenius Modular Programmer

MyGenius Mercedes Handheld Programmer


Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)



As most of you might have read, we can do the tuning remotely via our new programmer. No need to send in the ECU or crack open the case…not even the first time!

The flashing process takes about 80 seconds to complete.

There is a full recovery mode built in to the programmer as well!



Do I need a PC to use the handheld:
The software only works on a mac if it can run windows as well.
You can also use any pc to set it up the first time. After that, no pc will be needed

Can I use this device if I have another vendors tune?
Yes but with a caveat. You would need to send your ecu to Eurocharged houston to be backed up to our file structure to be read by the handheld. You could then switch between stock and tuned, but your tuner couldn’t write more files for the device.

Is the tune detectable by the dealer?
If the tune is left on the ECU then there is a chance the dealer could find it if they really wanted to. However, the handheld programmer will allow you to flash the car back to stock. Once this is done it is 100% undetectable as our programming doesn’t trigger a full write, so the flash counters don’t move!

How many tuning files can I keep on the device?The device can hold many tunes (more than needed). You use the supplied software and connect the device to your PC via a USB cable to manage the device. You can add / remove any tune you like. However, the stock software cannot be removed.

Can I use the handheld with more than one car?
No, the handheld is vin locked to the vehicle

How do I get a stock file for my car to go to the dealer with?
Generally you would read the stock file, send it to Eurocharged, we will modify it and send it back. However, the 63 ECU cannot be read via OBDII so the device will only ID the car. Once you have this ID file, you send it to us. We will then match your stock software based on the ID file, attach it to an email and send it on the way to you. From that point forward, you load all tunes via the same method.

To sum it up, the device will arrive blank. We will send all files via email for you to load / manage.

Is there a way to “unmarry” the unit from the car/vin/ECU, so it can be used by someone else? 
yes, but you would need to send it into Eurocharged Houston to get reprogrammed.  There is a $200 fee for this service

Can I be retuned with the purchase of this device?
Yes, this just makes it easier as we can now just send you a file for you to flash as your convenience

Would it possible to have a tune for valet??  So they can’t go over 10mph in our car. 
Yes, that is not a problem

Also, will this programmer work on W211 E63, W212 E63, C219 CLS63, CLK63 BS or is it only designed for the C63 ?
This programmer also works with C300, all 350, all 550, all 63 N/A cars!

How long does it take to flash a tune? 
Depends on the car but typically around 80 seconds

How does the loaner program work?
The loaner would be shipped out to you to flash the car with the tuned file. Once complete, it would be shipped back to Eurocharged in Houston. (eliminating the need to send your ecu)

What happens if I unplug it when its writing?  Will I destroy my ecu?
The programmer has a recovery mode that will fix any issues encountered during the flash. We pulled the programmer from the OBDII port on our CLK63 BS and the recovery mode fixed it without any issue.

How Many times Can I flash the car without damaging the ecu?
The memory inside the ECU can be programmed more times then you will be able to accomplish.  In fact, the data inside the ECU changes every single time the vehicle is started.

Does this device work on non US market C63 as well?
The programmer works on all 63’s, no matter the market.

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