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M273 ECU Tune


Required for use of VR7 Performance Software


this tune on a stock car will see gains of 20-30WHP on a modified car it can see upwards of 50-60WHP depending on mods !

take your m273 to the next level !

Performance Numbers:
The manufacturers rating for this engine is 382HP and 391LB-FT of torque.

Rating for this ECU upgrade is 400 HP and 411 LB-FT of torque.

Performance ECU software precisely engineered for your engine.  Countless hours were invested into the development of this ECU software and all OEM safety maps remain intact to ensure the highest level of protection.  Our most popular features include better throttle response, faster acceleration, removed top speed limiter and an overall better driving experience.

Fuel Type:
Optimized for 91/93 Octane / 95/98 Ron fuel. (Custom Race Fuel files available upon request)

Please find the below installation options available for this product.

  • Modular Programmer REQUIRED


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