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VRP DIY Dual Nozzle Methanol Kit (M157 / M278)

VRP Dual Nozzle Methanol Kit for the Mercedes Benz M157 M278 AMG platform.


Turbo Pipe options

Select tank Size *

Controller option *

This is your complete, tank and all methanol kit including a dual nozzle setup!

***This is a generic component kit for your DIY installation!

This Kit uses a progressive controller that adjusts injection based on boost pressure.

Methanol Injection can net up to 100 hp gains from a combination of its cooling properties and knock resistance.

This kit includes:

  • Pump
  • Tank (1l or 2.5gallon)
  • Controller
  • Line
  • Hardware
  • Tank Tap
  • Dual Nozzle kit

*Actual Kit may Differ from The Kit Pictured

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