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VRP 55k AMG Forged Pistons (M113k) For Sleeved Blocks

VRP forged pistons for the M113K engine


  • Mercedes Benz E55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz S55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz G55 AMG


***10 Week Lead time***

These 2618 Ultra Lightweight Pistons for M113K Are for stock bore engines WITH darton or alternative Iron Sleeves.

Includes Pistons, Piston rings, and Wrist Pins

  • High Strength
  • Factory Compression Ratio
  • 100 Grams lighter than factory Pistons
  • Stronger Steel Wrist Pins
  • Compatible with OEM rods

Our Pistons now come in one standard Configuration, Including all of the best options included for all M113K piston sets. This streamlines the production process and eliminates even longer lead times, It also takes the guess work out and ensures that the piston set you are ordering has the absolute best features for your build. Below are features that were previously options that are now included on every piston set we produce.

  • Ceramic Crown Coated ($320)
  • Teflon Skirt Coating ($360)
  • X Forged ($160)
  • Wrist Pins ($216)
  • Gas Nitride Rings


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    vrp supercharger conversion kit for the M113 N/A AMG
    VRP M113 Supercharger Conversion Pulley Kit
    Cooling kit:

    Bosch 010, VRP V2, Split cooling (+ $650.00)

    Additional pulley options:

    Add billet serpentine tensioner pulley (+ $125.00)

    Additional pulley options:

    Add waterpump pulley (+ $130.00)

    Fuel Options:

    550cc Injectors (+ $295.00)

    1 X $749.00 = $1,949.00