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VRP M113 Supercharger Conversion Pulley Kit

VRP M113 N/A Supercharger Conversion Kit


  • Factory M113k Supercharger and intercooler with surge tanks
  • A custom built intake and PCV
  • Upgraded cooling set up
  • 550cc injectors


A cooling setup is required to run a supercharger on the M113. Your kit must include a Pump, Reservoir, and heat exchanger

Want to add a little boost to your M113 but don’t want to spend the money swapping the motor for lower compression? The good news is that the NA M113 is capable of over 500hp with a little bit of boost!

The VRP M113 NA conversion kit includes all of the pulleys you need to swap your NA to a K.

This kit includes the VRP supercharger Pulley and idler set, boost bypass delete, a new belt and thermostat housing!


You will need:

  • Factory M113k supercharger with intercooler and surge tanks
  • A custom built intake and PCV

**A cooling setup including pump, heat exchanger, and reservoir is required.**
**It is recommended that you run at least 550cc injectors with this setup**


**as of right now VRP does NOT sell or provide technical support for the fuel, tune, or ECU for this setup**


The current method of supercharging an NA is to swap to a virginized K ECU and wiring harness.

**you will be required to cut the Secondary air pump bracket off the timing cover.**


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