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Fuel Hat Wiring Upgrade DIY Kit

Fuel Hat Wiring Upgrade DIY Kit


Availability: Available on backorder

Fuel Hat Wiring Upgrade DIY Kit

A MUST HAVE when installing Aftermarket Pumps into your 55k AMG Buckets.

This Kit includes The wires and Bulkhead fittings required to modify your factory Fuel Hat at home.

This kit contains the Wires, Connectors and Bulkhead fittings only and does not include a Fuel Hat

Oem grade wiring. E85 compatible sealed bulk head top hat connectors Plug and play harness

Upgraded in tank wires
Modified oem wire harness (no splicing or modification needed on customers end)

*These setups are made to order and can take 1-2 weeks before shipment is ready.

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