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Front A arm camber kit w211

Mercedes AMG W211 W219 CLS55 E55 E63 CLS63 Front A-arm Camber Kit Airmatic


Up for sale is a set of front adjustable camber kit for the Mercedes AMG models W211 and W219 V8 Kompressor and NA engines. These are use with the original airmatic suspension system. These kits are fabricate in the United States. The rod ends are made of stainless steel with Energy Suspension poly bushings.

These camber kits are great for correcting negative camber – when the top of the wheel is tipped in towards the body. Camber is the tilt of the wheel along its vertical axis. Running wider tires or car with lowering springs can cause this issue where your tires are wearing out on the inside. They are also great for older cars where the suspension tends to sag hence the wheel looks “spray out”.

To some degree, this is a good thing as it allows more of the tire tread to stay in contact with the ground during hard cornering. But if you have too much negative camber, which degrades cornering performance as well as hinders grip during hard acceleration.

The camber kit can straighten the wheels by dialing out the negative camber, something you can’t do with the stock suspension. They are also great for race days where changing from street tires to drag race tires where the camber need to be adjusted on the spot. You can manual dial the wheel in by adjusting the rod in or out.

Like wise, if you want more negative camber, this kit can put the wheel further in, allowing more camber for those of you who would like to have the “tuck-in” and slammed look

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