ELM 327 OBD2 Scanner – Android


ELM 327 OBD2 Scanner – Android


This is the perfect unit for those looking to See their Engine parameters on the fly! Used by hundreds of AMG owners already, this is the perfect budget solution for quick logging when paired with dash command or Torque Pro, which can be purchased in the app store.

This unit DOES NOT work with Apple Devices, Please check to be sure you are using an Android, Symbian, or Microsoft Device for this to work properly

Display current sensor data, including: Engine RPM, Calculated Load Value, Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim, Long Term Fuel Trim.

Display current sensor data, including: Intake Manifold Pressure, Timing Advance, Intake Air Temperature, Air Flow Rate, Absolute Throttle Position, Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims, Fuel System status, Fuel Pressure etc.

Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (andquot;Check Engineandquot; light)

Operation system supports: for Android Smartphones, for Symbian, for Microsoft (mobile phone, tablet), most computer system(except for Apple system), and all these device must have Bluetooth function.

Vehicle Coverage: Works on all OBD2 Vehicles.