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Bosch 010 I/C Pump

Bosch 010 I/C pump


Availability: Available on backorder

Bosch 010 Intercooler Pump

The original Bosch intercooler stock pump that comes equipped on your AMG from the factory is known to fail. The purpose of this pump is to circulate coolant through your cooling system. If this pump fails, your coolant is no longer being pumped through the heat exchanger, resulting in the dreaded “heat soak” and extreme loss of engine power.

If your supercharger is shutting off after a few pulls, this is more than likely the culprit.

The Bosch 010 Intercooler Pump is a direct replacement for your factory pump. It features improved flow even under restriction.


Key features:

  • Improved flow rate
  • 12v
  • 0.3bar pressure

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