Auxiliary Heat Exchanger


Mercedes A45 AMG CLA45 AMG CLS63 AMG E63 AMG GLA45 AMG GLA250 GLE63 AMG G63 AMG G65 AMG S550 S560 SL450 SL550 SL63 AMG SL65 AMG Heat Exchanger


Auxiliary AMG HEAT EXCHANGER mounts in stock location.

Turbocharged Mercedes AMG’s tend to overheat under hot weather or extreme driving conditions. If you increase boost or horsepower, expect your intake charge temp to rise even further. The solution is to add the upgraded Private Label Mfg. Power Driven heat exchanger. This heat exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep power when needed. These heat exchangers use non-epoxied furnace brazed cores resulting in better heat dissipation and are welded with CNC precision machined billet aluminum necks & end tanks.

Replaces factory part number A 099 500 32 03

Installation requires basic hand tools and is the only heat exchanger on the market that’s affordable & does not require any cutting or modifications to vehicle to install. Get Yours Today and lower IAT (Intake Air Temp.) !!!

Mercedes A45 AMG
Mercedes CLA45 AMG
Mercedes CLS63 AMG
Mercedes E63 AMG
Mercedes GLA45 AMG (bumper fitment may be different)
Mercedes GLA250
Mercedes GLE63 AMG
Mercedes G63 AMG
Mercedes G65 AMG
Mercedes S550
Mercedes S560
Mercedes SL450
Mercedes SL550
Mercedes SL63 AMG
Mercedes SL65 AMG