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Adjustable Sway Bar Stabilizer Links (W211, W219)

VRP Adjustable Sway bar Stabilizer Links

Mercedes AMG W211 W219 CLS55 E55 E63 CLS63


Up for sale, is a set of adjustable sway/stablizer bar links. These will fit the Mercedes Benz E-class W211 and CLS-Class W219 models.

  • E200
  • E320
  • E350
  • E500
  • E550
  • E55 AMG
  • E63 AMG
  • CLS63 AMG
  • CLS55 AMG

These links are great if you track your car, as it allows for on the spot adjustment. For a firm adjustment, you simply dial the sway lower and for a nicer, gentle ride, you can adjust the sway bar higher.

These are recommended for cars that are lowered, as the control arms are too close to the sway bar which can cause rubbing. Simply raise the sway bar slightly higher by adjusting the link higher.

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