3.06 Ring and Pinion For 215 Rear axle


55K AMG 3.06 Ring and Pinion


**Please allow up to 2 weeks for the shipment of these parts.

Mercedes 3.06 Ring and Pinion for 215 Rear axle Gear ratio change.

Factory E55 amg Gear ratio is 2.65, This ring and pinion set allows you to change out for 3.06

Assuming your Tire size does not change:

-Greater Wheel Torque in each gear

-Faster Acceleration

-Higher RPM at given speed/gear which will give you a decrease in fuel efficiency.

*these ring and pinions are USED. these gears come out of vehicles with a variety and range of mileage, we cannot guarantee the mileage of these parts. There is NO source of NEW ring and pinions available at 3.06 ratio