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M156 aFe Power dry Filter (Pair)

M156 aFe Power Dry Filter


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Dyno  Proven 10WHP!

This is a Great first mod with our ROW Airboxes!

  • Features


    Achieve mind-blowing power gains without the hassle of a messy oiled filter. aFe Pro-Dry S Air Filters utilize 2 layers of randomly porous fabric to trap dirt like a champ. And the best part is, they’re oil-free for quick and easy service. Featuring 99.2% filtration efficiency, Pro-Dry S outperforms your paper filter 2 to 1.

    When you’re jonesing for an inexpensive, minimal effort horsepower fix, look no further than aFe Pro-Dry S Air Filters. The tall, open pleats dramatically increase airflow for maximum performance. And, unlike your factory filter, more rounded construction means air can flow through the tops and bottoms of these pleats. What’s more, Pro-Dry S Air Filters can save on gas by supporting a cleaner, more efficient fuel burn.

    aFe Pro-Dry S Air Filters are cleanable and reusable for virtually lifetime use. In fact, filters of this caliber have been known to outlive your vehicle. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defect.

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